Error: Too Many Redirects

I used the 1-Click Install ( on DigitalOcean to set up Mastodon. I accessed via SSH and followed the setup instructions. I successfully received the emails and can see NGINX setup page if I access the IP directly. However, if I access via domain, I see ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error and cannot access it. Domain is pointing to the droplet and the SSL certificates were successfully generated.

I did not edit any files or do anything beyond the prompts in the initial 1-Click install setup.

I also tried creating a new VPS, and followed the instructions on the Mastodon website to install from scratch and I still see the same error. How can I debug why this is occurring? Nginx logs do not show anything.

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What OS and browser are you seeing the too many redirects on?

Completley agree. Way too many steps – especially for new users. MUST be a way to simplify.

Too many redirects is just that, nginx is running a loop based on redirect rules. I recently faced this and it was because I had a default site configured which was answering requests it shouldn’t have. So my advice is to examine all enabled site configs ls /etc/nginx/sites-enabled and see if any are answering the same domain and making the browser bounce between them.

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