:verified: emoji in user name problem

While it seems that the :verified: emoji is showing up on external user accounts in our server, our users who put that into their display name do not get the emoji but rather get the text of that emoji. Is there something simple that I’m missing or maybe a version issue (I know we’re not on the latest version)

Anyone else seen this issue where emojis show up for remote users but locals can’t use em?

hey! welcome to the forum. Mastodon allows servers to upload “custom emoji”, with a small PNG file and custom name, like Discord or Slack. the “verified” emoji you’re seeing isn’t built into mastodon, it’s just a funny custom emoji that some servers have set up. I hope that clears things up!

Ok so can you point me to doc that tells where to upload that?
The interesting thing is that it’s showing up as an image for other people not on the server, and the path to the image is on our server https://static.noagendasocial.com/custom_emojis/images/000/029/544/original/005faa22f0241dd9.png
The thing that doesn’t seem to work (and is there a place to set this up?) is converting :verified: to that png?

Thanks for help in advance :slight_smile:

It’s at https:// yourinstance.tld/admin/custom_emojis
If you don’t own the instance, you have ask the sysadmin of your instance to copy :verified: emoji.