Emoji and Emoji 5.0

As you might have heard, Twitter just updated its emoji set to Emoji 5.0. Mastodon (at least the instances I’m on) seems to still use EmojiOne 2.3, and people might want to use the new emoji now that they’re starting to roll out. How should instances update the emoji, and might we want to switch over to another set of emoji in case people don’t like the look of EmojiOne 3.0?

Comparison of EmojiOne 2.3 vs 3.0, using the smiling new moon as a subject:
New Moon Emoji, EmojiOne 2.3
New Moon Emoji, EmojiOne 3.0

Definitely worth discussing what people would be interested in. :slight_smile:

Emojione changed their licensing in version 3, and no longer provide SVG icons (which is what we use right now). So I don’t know.


Twemoji 2 is under the MIT license and has SVGs for all the emoji, so it might be a good alternative to move to.


I mean the proprietary licence is a bit of a non-starter… (and really? they regressed to PNG only?)
Do we make it easy for admins to drop in their own emoji set? They’re going to be in a better position to evaluate how legally encumbered they feel comfortable being and it would make it pretty good customization point in any case.