Email to inactive users

If the 10 biggest instances sent out a mail to users who havent been active the last month… we would pretty much be able to answer this question. Until then it will mostly be guesswork. It could also perhaps be a good opportunity to mention the new features.

I am pretty certain the inabillity to connect to irl friends, too much work to build up a base and already being on too many networks are the most common reasons for not staying. I think the abillity to share a group of contacts (like circles on G+) could be an awesome way of quickly get into the network.

The reason I stayed are because of the people I found and connected with. I knew that if I wanted to have a live feed it will not suffice with 10… I need more than 100 or even a 1000… and they all has to have the interests that I like.

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A simple and effective admin-tool would be to be able to mail all instance users or only users who are not active for e.g. 1 month. Some people will find this very annoying, so an instance admin should only be allowed to use this feature once or twice (although you can simply override this in the code).

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mail all instance users

A limit is IMO a good idea – but maybe a time-based one, something like “if you’ve sent one, you can’t send another for five minutes, and if you try to send a third after that you can’t for five days, and after that five weeks, and after that five months…”

My reasoning here being that it may be useful to have a route for admins to drop emails at their users – but occasionally they’re gonna have to follow that up immediately with a “okay things are fixed” or “okay things still broke follow announcey thing or watch for updates”, hence the five-minute gap.

After two, the ramp-up is built around increasingly long lengths (but ones that will stick out to human minds, IME) – three emails in one week tops, four emails in a month and a week tops, five emails in six months tops. It’d prevent overwhelming update temptation, I think.

If an admin routes around that in code, it’ll be painfully obvious to users, I’d think. (Esp. if they’re actually spamming commercially and not just sending four updates a day to users.)

Currently they do receive a digest, after a month I believe. (check your preferences, and you’ll find the info)


Can you tell us what is in that digest? Cause I immediately turned it off after I registered my account.

THAT’S what the digest was! I assumed it was a mashup of toots in some fashion and couldn’t imagine wanting it. I am pretty sure I turned it off.

It’s only adminstuff? That may want to be made more explicit, if it hasn’t already. (I honestly can’t recall if it said ‘admin digest’ or just ‘digest’, and to be fair, my last experiences with ‘digests’ were from like, email lists. :worried: )

I split this topic off from the original thread, as it got really off-topic of why do people go and stay.

No, sorry for being unclear.
It is a digest of toots you’ve missed when you haven’t logged in for a certain time. As a way to tie you back in. What I meant to say was “An email does go out after a certain time of not logging in”, which is the digest.

I guess one could add an option for admins as well bundled into this.

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Aha. So it’s not a “this arrives no matter what” digest, it’s only if you haven’t been around a while. Makes sense. :slight_smile:


What if we made it opt-in at user signup?

[x] Would you like us to remind you if you haven’t been active in the last 30 days?

and then have that as a setting in preferences as well, so people can disable it if they’ve decided to stick around or enable it if they’re taking a break?


That’s a thought. Possibly with, maybe, calling it a ‘digest as a reminder’, so that people know it’s intended as a nudge when they’re ignoring their account – then they can choose to be reminded, or not?

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The digest only includes mentions to you and a number of new followers you’ve got. Don’t disable it :frowning:


Ah. :slight_smile: Clears that up, then.

Noting it in the option might be useful, as ‘digest’ has had a lot of different uses and they tend to be more inclusive versus less inclusive (and, to be fair, people who get gobs of mentions may feel inclined to turn it off anyway).

(Also, I’m assuming that the mentions are still filtered by things like blocks, or else that might present other problems – but that seems like a given.)


A ‘digest’ can be nice and so but it will have very limited success in people coming back. Especially when it is a common thing to turn it off. People tend to want the service rather than mail and bloating the mail is nothing you want. What I thought with this was to have something that could prune the databases of inactive users. A security and optimizing measure. For that you don’t need a ‘digest’ of potential toots you got but more what have happened (changelog) since you left. Perhaps some tips how to find interesting people via hashtag search e.t.c… This should only go out to people who have not been logged in the last 3 month or so. With the “warning” that they have a month or something like that before the account get pruned and a feedback question where they can say the reason of their absence.

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