E-mail registration not working

I set up a new mastodon instance via the one-click-installation digitalocean instance.

I don’t think I setup email correctly, during the first time installaztion wizard.

The instance website is up, when I try to create a new account, no confirmation email is sent.

How can I update the email settings to get it working? (I’m gussing through command-line),


Your settings should be in the .env.production file. Check the variables with SMTP in their names.

Here is the list:

Thanks. I have been messing with those settings for a while now, I have no idea how this works. Does “SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS” need to be the same as the login address? I have tried an arbitrary one using my own domain, and also the same one as login addres, both don’t work. Can I use gmail (I’m trying to) and if so do I need to configure something special in gmail? The latest settings I have attempted is shown below. So far, I cannot get a registration confirmation email for signing up on my instance.


Can you search for SMTP in this forum in the meantime?

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