Duplicate Indexes at /pghero page

When logging into my /pghero page I’ve found this message:

Therefore I wonder if any one here can help me to understand what I must do to solve this issue, as clicking in that “with a magration” link, it takes me to nowhere.
Any suggestion is very welcome.
Thank to all in advance.

Does it say anything in the “Details” below, like on this page Datakick / Overview

Yes Saper. Thanks for your kindness.

These are all the details explained.

I don’t think this is a Mastodon issue, something is using GitHub - ankane/ahoy: Analytics for Rails

More information about the indexes: Upgrading Ahoy - recommended table indexes · Issue #211 · ankane/ahoy · GitHub

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Thanks again, Saper.
I’ll search for these issues at GitHub.
Appreciation to you for all kindness and support!

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