Drawer in mobile view

A lot of mobile users are accustomed with having a drawer in their application (one that appears when swiping right / triggered by a menu or hamburger button). I propose these changes to the mobile view:

  • Remove the Getting Started button from the tabs
  • Add a menu button that toggles a drawer
  • The content of the drawer will be the current Getting Started column (maybe with some slight changes, e.g. show the name, header and profile picture)

What do you think? My concern is that it will be confusing for to show/hide buttons from the tab bar. On the other hand it brings familiarity and makes the website feel more like an application.

I’m attaching an example to see how it might look.

This is a good suggestion. I’ll run it by Gargron to see what he thinks, and then by someone whose interested in doing some UX improvements.

@maloki There is also a Github issue looking into this more broadly: Implement common mobile UX patterns · Issue #4004 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub

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