Domain name during Mastodon setup?

Hi, I am in the process of installing a Mastodon instance, I am at this step:

mastodon@ftp:~/live$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake mastodon:setup

And it is asking for the domain. I intend to name this, do I put only the domain ‘’, or do I put the fully qualified domain name, ‘’ at this prompt?

You want to use

Well, it will not install on Ubuntu 20.04 and so far no help from a bug report I posted, so perhaps
name is moot.

Any error messages? What exactly isn’t working?

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Here is the link to my bug report with all the discussion and things
that have been tried so far:

I’m running it in Docker on Ubuntu 20.04

I’ve identified two problems here so far. I’m coming into my server
through x2go, x2go starts a remote desktop, and I was starting that as root
and then su’ing to mastodon as needed, but for some reason when terminals
are started under Mate under X2go they do not launch as a login shell and
.bashrc does not get sourced, and as a result of that rbenv wasn’t getting
set in the path so it was using the system version of Ruby, 2.7.0 and
that is problematic.

  I found a way to work around that problem which is to use mastodon as

the login with x2go and that way rbenv is always in the PATH.

  The second issue I have is that Ubuntu 20.04 comes with openssl 1.1.1g

installed, but I compiled and installed 1.1.1h. 1.1.1h does not build with
IDEA encryption support by default but one of the ruby gems that is part of
mastodon requires it. There has to be a way to compile IDEA support in, my
understanding it is not by default because of a patent but that patent expired
in 2012 or some such. Ubuntu obviously does but I do not want to roll back
to 1.1.1g if I can avoid it. I have not been able to locate instructions for
doing this yet.