Does mastodon allows the instance's administrator to set the independent registration policies depending on the users' IP Addresses?

I would wish my instance can be set in two different registry modes, depends on the registration request’s IP addresses. For example, if a registration request comes from the IP:x.x.x.x, then it could be registered successfully automatically; but a registration request comes from the IP:y.y.y.y should automatically active the reviewing request(The IPs are just two examples). It does not mean that all registration from the IP:y.y.y.y should be denied or banned I don’t want to overdo it. So the introductions of Mastodon Official Setting Guilds maybe don’t apply to my request.
So is there any good way to let me achieve my goals? Or should I looking for some third party technologies? I will be grateful if anyone can help me.
Thank you.

You can create an IP rule for CIDR blocks and force them through the approval process


Thank you very much, @mynameismonkey. I think I got an idea that maybe I can create a redirect connect based on IP rules for CIDR. Thanks for your inspiration.
If someone has any ideas else, please kindly tell me. Thank you all very much.