Docs on handling big Instance

how to setup sidekiq, streaming and puma on different servers and how to combine them to serve one host(domain).

A complete tutorial needed there are many big instances other than and they need to setup a much better way to handle that much request but we still dont have any docs and article about it.

i request Gargon to be less greedy and write a article in complete detail on it to help admin

If you don’t know how to spread Mastodon onto multiple serves then you should not be running a large instance.

It is not hard to do. You got to work it out for yourself though as it will teach you how Mastodon is setup and how each component works with each other.

Start off with SQL and Redis(easy). Then focus on Sidekiq.

knowledge increases by sharing.

What if someone did it wrong huh you basically putting user at risk?

You are hardly at risk here.

Trust me here when I say you are better off learning how it works and then building your servers out that way.
It means if something goes wrong you have a better understanding of how it is put together so you can fix it faster and by yourself.

If something goes wrong when you use a guide, there is not going to be a guide on how to fix the problems.

I hardly knew how to set Mastodon up when I started. Had problems and had to solve them myself with some support from the forum. Now I know how most if not all of it works so I can fix it myself.

People will help you problem solve but they are not going to spend hours telling you what to do.

These will get you started

You speaking truth or playing with my feelings. When i saw your post on Forum they didnt seem like beginner

It would be be nice if you can write an detail post about it.