Docker setup or conventional setup?


I’ve made my first steps as a Mastodon instance owner yesterday. For simplicity (and because I have some more services running on my server) I used the official Docker image. Everything is running great so far, so I’m thinking of moving my instance to a dedicated virtual machine.

However I’m not sure whether I should continue using the official docker image or if I should move to a conventional setup. Is there something like an official recommendation? Docker is great for small and simple test setups, but is it the right thing to use when it comes to providing a bigger instance for the public on a dedicated machine?

Let me know what your recommendation is! :slight_smile:

I hear good and bad things about running a Docker instance. Most of the threads that run through here, i feel, are concerned users running Docker instances that are having trouble standing their server up, upgrading etc. I’ve created a couple instances going the conventional route and have never had any trouble.

Some people say Docker was not designed for production. I don’t think there’s an objective way to determine if that’s true or false. I do however think that’s a matter of opinion. And in my opinion, Docker is a great and simple-to-use tech, but it’s leading to unsafe behaviors in production : lack of system upgrades, use of root process (I made the PR for Mastodon myself in order to fix that), for example.

Is it the right thing to use Docker for a bigger instance? Maybe, maybe not. It’s as right as running Mastodon through the classic way. There should be no official recommendation, that would be just a subjective opinon.

After using (and contributing to) the official Docker image for a while, I decided to make mine. Updates are even simpler!