Docker instructions unclear

Trying to set up Mastodon inside Docker using an official guide. db:setup step fails just like here or here. The guide writes down my config file text and says I can copy It later, but according to issue comments the next step fails because I didn’t copy .env.production vars.
I just don’t get what I’m missing here, looks like the official setup wizard is not working properly, though issues are getting closed without explanation

Can you try to suggest changes to ? It is relatively easy to press the “edit” (pencil) button there and add/remove some text…

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That’s an old readonly repo, the new one doesn’t contain Docker instructions at all.
I managed to work aforementioned errors around by basically running setup steps manually, so I don’t know how to fix this

Some of the documentation wasn’t copied over to the joinmastodon gitlab and it’s in the process of being updated and fixed. It would be useful if you could let us know what problems you had and your workaround?

Are installs based on docker-compose deprecated? Since there is no mention of Docker (AFAICT) on the new docs site, should we be looking at migrating away from docker-based installations?

(And if so, is the general migration documentation what should be followed to move out of Docker?)

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I tried setting up a mastodon server the last few days as well, but gave up due to the complete lack of documentation, seemingly broken setup script and the largely non-dockerized vibe the setup was feeling.

In general the symptoms are a completely white screen when browsing to the website (my guess is that webpack compilation isnt working)

running the setup scripts asks for a bunch of information already available in the .env.production file, then doesn’t write or output the file like the guide suggests.

Initializing the database and compiling assets (seemingly) work but then it all falls apart

I’ve tried many things and at some point I managed to get it to work with some unholy combinations and experimentation of running things via docker exec instead of run, and in general things I’ve lost track of.

But running docker-compose down, and docker-compose up undid it and I havent been able to recreate it.

I think it might have something to do with using local_domain and local_web_domain