Distributed token based identity

I am developing a privacy-by-default, distributed identity system that provides a way to build federated systems. (You can learn more and take a demo at demo. ) It works by having a single opaque token which operates somewhat like a hotel card key - except it has a stripe for each site. Browser based, although I am working on a react-native ios app as well.

I would like to create a prototype demo integration between mastodon and ootkeys. I’m not sure I fully understand what that means yet and that is one of the reasons to do it. I am mostly a JS, node, react, koa, postrges person although I have experience with C, Java - but no ruby. I am trying to understand if there is a way to hack (literally) a prototype integration. The options I can see are

  1. learn ruby and do an integration (not sure I have the time and resources)
  2. intercept database user calls more or less at the db level and insert a shim using node
  3. ???

If anyone has suggestions, ideas or would like to talk about the concept, etc, that would be great!
tab at tabraun dot com.

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