Display name is localhost:3000


After my host switched my instance to single user mode at my request my username displays as jim@localhost:3000 instead of jim@mydomain.com. (see attached screenshot)

My host stated they do not know why it is displaying this way and I should ask here if anyone knows.


it looks like you don’t have LOCAL_DOMAIN configured properly, and you may be running in development mode. you should configure LOCAL_DOMAIN and make sure you’re running in production mode.


WEB_DOMAIN and LOCAL_HTTPS and the mode is in production.


The issue as far as I know only happens on his end.

I can see the profile totally fine: Jim Lunsford (@jim@localhost:3000) - Jim Lunsford's Microblog

I never saw a situation where the domain returns localhost:3000 unless if you are running a different copy of mastodon on your machine.

Please test it on a different computer/smartphone and internet location.


I have tested it on multiple connections with multiple devices and it still shows jim@localhost:3000 instead of jim@jimlunsford.com. Even the link that you posted in this thread shows as localhost.


This issue was resolved by my host.