Disk full: We're sorry, but something went wrong on our end. 500 error

I am new to this whole world. I used to run a basic website and switched to this platform.

Everything was going well until I found this issue.

I see: “We’re sorry, but something went wrong on our end.” Also, I can see 500 error messages sometimes.

Can anyone please let me know what’s going in here and send me instructions on how to solve this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Check the logs using journalctl -u mastodon-web, this should let us know about the actual error.

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Thank you so much. It says no space left on device. How do I increase space if it is possible? As I have understand, space in device and space in serve is different thing.

It says no space left on device.

It depends where your installation takes its “disk space” from. You might want to check with df -k command to see what is full and what is still available.

Instructions how to increase the space available vary, it is different if you rent this machine as a virtual server somewhere or if it is running on a real hardware where an additional hard drive might be needed.

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This is the result I received:

Yes, your ‘/’ (so-called “root”) filesystem is full. You need to find out how to increase /dev/vda1 disk device. If this server is provided to you by someone else, you need to contact them about it.

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I am using Digital Ocean. So, can I ask them how to increase it. Or can I do it myself? Sorry I am new to everything and been learning. My experience all is with wordpress and some cpanel auto installations. When it comes command run, I am completely noob.

Yes, it is possible for more money:

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Thank you so much. So, now what I am planning is to get spaces to reduce costs. But I want to remove 1-week old cached images and data every time. I tried using few command lines but didn’t help with any.

Can you help me send the command line to do so?

And again thank you so much for everything.

If you are using the provided docker-compose file to run your instance, you can set up a daily cronjob by putting this into a file /etc/cron.daily/mastodon.sh


docker exec live_web_1 bin/tootctl media remove --days 3

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