Discussion on Categories and Tags

This is a novel concept to me for a forum, but I think it’s obvious for this discourse board to be useful we will need to settle on a useful set of categories and tags. On initial contemplation, here is a draft. I welcome discussion:

  • general Catch all.
  • user-help A general help category for people needing help selecting an instance, getting their clients set up, questions about general functionality and basic troubleshooting.
  • admin-help A more targeted category that can handle requests for support for instance running into problems with their installations of mastodon.
  • federation-abuse A catagory to put the reports of bad actors affecting large scale instances, technical and social, and updates on actions taken. Think Priate Lord Court.
  • federation-meta A place to talk about general principles of the federation, develop our ideas about incident response outside the context of actively dealing with an abuse report. Think Pirate Lords having a Pirate Code discussion.
  • project-updates A place for mastodon and related project updates (possibly extending to third party clients, etc)

And I know this is going to be controversial:

  • feature-requests Okay, so, realtalk, github can be scary. It’d be a lot easier to have a less intimidating area where people can throw ideas out and have someone who isn’t intimidated by github compile them into formal feature requests.
  • bug-reports Again, same rationale. Lets let people consider this their one stop shop for talking about mastodon and have some of our dedicated team members help parse and process that data.

I honestly have no idea how we’d use tags, so if anyone can figure out a more elegant way to break this down with tags I’m all ears.

Alright internet people! Please, pick my suggestions apart, remix, and add your own! :smiley:

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Will pin this topic until the end of the month, so new users will see it and submit their feedback.