Discrepancy between hashtags that can be written with or without accent

I’ve experienced that you get different results when searching for a hashtag with an accent in it and vs searching for the same hashtag but written without the accent and with a “regular” letter instead.
That alone wouldn’t be an issue, because you can add multiple other hashtags to a pinned column for a hashtag.
But trying to combine both results in one column fails, because the UI thinks the hashtag is already selected when you really have just searched for either the one with or without accent. The search just can’t find the other one, but I can see there are different results when just pinning both hashtags to separate columns.
Could that be fixed? Maybe by being able to add hashtags free-form, since when posting a toot you can just write what ever hashtag you want, too. So why not do the same for the search and/or pinned timelines? Making predictions is good and helpful, but not so much if you have to rely fully on the predictions and are not able to enter a hashtag free-form.

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