Disconnecting relay doesn't work?

I set up an instance yesterday and tested out connecting to a relay. Seemed to work, got toots from other instances in our Federated timeline. I then decided to disable the relay, but the toots kept coming. Tried deleting the relay altogether, the toots won’t stop. How do I stop the toots?

Is someone on your instance following people? If you’ve disabled relays and nobody on your instance is following anyone, it shouldn’t receive anything.

Yea, it seems one of my users followed a couple accounts from @mastodon.social. We’re seeing toots from a variety of servers, though, not just @mastodon.social. If a user has followed someone from one server from a relay, is that keeping the entire relay connected?

Federation bot has swooped into my server and followed everyone, so now I assume it’ll be impossible to disentangle ourselves from the unwanted relay unless I somehow get every user I have to get the bot to unfollow them?

No, that’s a different direction, so not your problem.

If you are on the latest stable 2.7.4 or on the 2.8.0 release candidate, toots from disabled relays are discarded, so if you still see something and you are on those versions, it is not the relay, it is something generated from genuine local user activity. Hard to tell what exactly. Your users might be following some people who boost a lot of other people, and that’s what you’re seeing.

And no, following one user from somewhere does not make your server follow everyone from there. Just that person.

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