Disable boosting for all accounts?

Hello. I have my own instance set up via Mastohost and I was directed here to see if anyone has an answer to this question.

Would it be possible to either a) disable boosting for every account on the instance OR b) stop boosts from counting towards a user’s toot count? I currently have every account on private for this reason, but it does stop us from using features like the hashtags and search this way, and if it’s possible I’d like to change this. Option B would be preferred but Option A would be acceptable too.

(On a related note; would there be an easy way to collect the total toot counts of every user automatically instead of checking their profiles individually?)

Thank you! :unicorn:

You would need to customize the code to be able to achieve this—the changes themselves would be pretty simple, but mastohost does not allow you to customize the code for hosted instances.

Sure, you can do this trivially in the rails console, or write a script to do it. Something like Account.local.includes(:account_stats).map { |i| i.statuses_count } should work. Again, this would require being hosted somewhere other then mastohost though.

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