Direct Message Enhancement: Signal protocol DMs

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  • Background to problem, alt. feature history
    There’s been a lot of back and forth lately about how DMs on Mastodon aren’t really private because instance admins can read them. One way around this would be to reimplement DMs as Signal messages. There already exists a JS library for this: GitHub - signalapp/libsignal-protocol-javascript: Signal Protocol library for JavaScript

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    Feasibility, thoughts on usefulness

  • Possible solutions / or if there are no solutions
    Really just wondering if others have thought of this/think it’s a good idea.

this is one of those things… you’d need to hold the keys on the Ends of the “E2E”…

You could create a mastodon client with encrypted DMs when you send from client to client.

I’m assuming you mean just the protocol, and not gluing DMs into the Signal network itself - Moxie is notoriously hostile to third party clients.

If that’s so, then you have the problem of needing a working and bulletproof key distribution mechanism, etc. I don’t know that this has been solved with the key infrastructure which exists currently, and if not, that would be the big hurdle.

How would admins address any future issues of harassment via DM if they cannot view them when they are reported?

I understand where you’re coming from, but if you feel you can’t trust your admin, you need to leave your instance

Giving an option to completely hide DM so the user cant send DM to end user.Like twitter does.