Difficulty configuring SMTP

My email hosting is through Namecheap’s Privateemail service. Per their site, this is the SMTP information:

Username : your email address
Password : password for this email account
Incoming/outgoing servers name: mail.privateemail.com

Outgoing server (SMTP): 465 port for SSL, 587 for TLS/STARTTLS

Outgoing server authentication should be switched on , SPA (secure password authentication) must be disabled.

The SMTP section of my .env.production file is as follows:


Since documentation is a bit short and I have zero experience with Ruby, I’m hoping someone could help me with the missing data


I never did get this working as is, but I did after a lot of fighting get the postfix server working to do things that way. Would still appreciate if there was updates to the documentation for future use (or the next time I migrate servers)

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Your setting look pretty good for me… maybe have a look at the sidekiq logs to see what is the problem reported?

I used mailgun, but your settings are similar to mine. In fact, seeing yours helped me troubleshoot why my instance wasn’t sending registration emails. So, thanks!

I don’t see any “missing data”. What is happening (or not happening) that you are having trouble with?

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