Developer bounty options

I’m sure many of us non developers appreciate the work that goes into building something like mastodon and making new features. It’s practically super human in my book. Eugene has been introducing some neat and useful features focused on social aspects of the Federation and user interaction, which is great.

What’s not being developed are stronger moderation tools and feature to keep the federation a safe place for the marginalized and vulnerable. I am will to put my money where my mouth is so to speak, and would like to bring up the possibility of Feature Bounties. As I understand it, these work in a manner similar to bug bounties, find and/or fix a thing, get paid. The project gets stronger software and a developer gets paid, everyone wins.

What I would like to know is how to go about feature bounties for an open source project like Mastodon. Is there a site we can post these to? What design and scope requirements are needed? How is it determined that a feature is done and payment disbursed? Would Mastodon (and Eugene) even be open to features being forked into the project like this or are they likely to force it to be an unofficial fork (and unavailable to sites like masto host without some serious finagling) ?

I want some other admins feedback on this and especially anyone that has a better understanding of development then me or has worked on Mastodon itself! Thank you!