Demographic survey of a casual nature (Results now posted!)

I’m doing a bit of a casual demographic survey right now: Mastodon - demographic stuff

It asks for age, gender, country of residence, race/ethnicity, whether you’re a coder, how your use of Mastodon compares to other social networky things and other random apps, that kind of thing. All optional questions.

If you want a toot to boost, paste this into your search bar: Cas: "BEHOLD! A sort of demographic-y survey for Masto…" - Cybrespace

49 responses so far and climbing. :slight_smile: The graphs are tasty, and I will share all the data, probably in a blog post and as a Google Sheet.

Thank you for your attention!

Update: Results!


Forewarning: I did this same survey in January and my usage of Google Forms deterred a lot of people from taking the survey, to the point that the data was difficult to claim as accurate.

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Yeah, I’ve had a couple of people say they don’t want to give that kind of information to Google! Which is absolutely fair enough. I’m not going to claim the results are accurate - more like “the results are limited to Mastodon users who don’t mind giving their data to Google Forms.” :wink: seems like a polished open source solution. Maybe it could help you get more representative data?

I tried that a couple of years ago and was completely lost and found it very unintuitive. :S Has it changed much in the last few years, do you know?

Another thing to keep in mind is your data will not be representative of Mastodon Users. By the nature of the platform you will be exposed to people who are degrees of separation from you. So you’ll essentially just be sampling people who are already somewhat similar to you.

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Yup, it’s all going in the blog post/report/article. :slight_smile:

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