Deleted pictures show up in google search

Hello, I deleted some pictures but they show up in google search, when I open the pictures the url shows that it is still in the mastodon server, how can I completely delete those pictures if I deleted the toot I’m afraid of the files I have uploaded by mistake show up in google, I changed the opt-out from search engines but they already have those url’s and some other pages are using my pictures to link them in their sites

They will go after some time you can tell google remove certain pictures and mastodon instance also cache those image so if that particular image take you to some other instance than ask admin of that instance to remove media cache.

It will go away after some time from the search results

Thanks for your answer, i could ask google to block the pictures but if mastodon is going to delete them, I’m going to wait

Thank you

Its the media cache so you can ask server admin to clear the cache and the file will be goen

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