Data archive fails to export

Reported here days ago:

Trying here to see whether we have more luck:

Several users in our instance are having the same problem, including myself – v3.3.0. There are a few more reports out there that are unanswered.

As an admin, I don’t know where to look for more information. The /settings/export page keeps the message “Compiling your archive…” after days, even when it is clear that such thing isn’t happening. Testing is more difficult because users need to wait 7 days until they can try again. I don’t know where to find related logs, or a manual restart. Creating an archive from the command line seems to not be possible.

As a result, users that are migrating to other instances leave unhappy because they need to leave behind their content. We have announced the closure of our server by the end of June, and this problem with the archives is causing a lot of bittersweet feelings.

I wonder whether anyone has any advice about where to look, what to do.

Anything in the logs? Especially sidekiq?