Custom Logo for mastodon instance

Im trying to change the logo of my mastodon instance but there are no option to do it. so can someone provide css code or how to do it
There are multiple places where it can be applied Like Landing Page , profile page, PWA and dashboard

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.landing-page__forms .brand {
     background: transparent url( no-repeat top/60% auto !important;

.landing-page .brand img {
    display: none

im using this css but the issue is it got resize and became very small logo


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I want preview somthing like this

did you find a solution on this?

Yes i did but not through css
You have to find them in the image directory. right click - find the name and search the github folder for the directory then replace and return precompile assets.
This method provided by the admin of

Perfect, thanks will be usefull

You can contact him. he is super awesome. Although im not sure he is He or She:stuck_out_tongue:

need some photoshop skills to do the logo first, and then try it :slight_smile:

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download there press kit from so you dont have to make elephant and other stuff

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Thanks @vibhigupta good tips

Hey there – found the image files but the logo-full file is a blank SVG? Tested a different SVG and recompiled. Seems to have worked since the main logo is gone but it is simply blank now. Are there constraints within which the logo must be to appear on the landing page?


How to do it in hosting plan method?

You’ll have to ask your hosting provider. We can’t provide support for third-party hosting providers.

You can do it if you have access to your server but if you using forget about it

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Has anyone done this and had the same problem as the full logo SVG file being blank after downloading it? Could it be Illustrator is not properly opening it? I can see all other logos, buttons, images in the javascript folder when I download them.