CSS for hiding the IP and email addresses of users in the mod menu until hover

The code can easily be changed for click instead of hover, but there’s something that needs to be fixed first.

.inline-table tbody tr:nth-child(4) td,
.inline-table tbody tr:nth-child(11) td  {
    filter: blur(4px);

.inline-table tbody tr td:hover {
    filter: blur(0px);

The problem is that the second line of .inline-table blurs out “Other users with the same IP” line and I haven’t been able to figure out the right code that only targets the IP address.

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If you don’t mind, this would be good to make an issue about in the github that describes the problem you’re solving. I assume it’s that you don’t want to see a bunch of IPs or perhaps be biased but better to spell it out.