Creating a new translation

Hi, I’m trying to create a new Silesian translation on my local host (for now). I’m following the tutorial on Github but so far I’ve only managed to lock myself out of my instance. Here’s what I did.


sv: ‘Svenska’,
szl: ‘Ślōnski’, <— added line
ta: ‘தமிழ்’,


:szl, <— added line

In config/locales/ i copied: —> doorkeeper.szl.yml —> devise.szl.yml —> simple_form.szl.yml
pl.yml —> szl.yml

I replaced the language code in each file as well.

In app/javascript/mastodon/locales/ I copied pl.json to szl.json

The option to change the language to Silesian showed up in my instance but after saving the settings my Mastodon account stopped working and it only shows the angry mastodon gif and “We’re sorry, but something went wrong on our end.”

Is there anything else I was supposed to do? The tutorial seems to be slightly outdated since it names several files that do not exist anymore (eg. app/views/user_mailer/confirmation_instructions.en.html.erb) and mentions that I should put information about my language to index.js and mastodon.js while they lack any mention of any specific language so I’m not sure what I should put there. Any ideas?

I realized that everything is fine until I edit the szl.json file. Definitely I’m missing something. Do I have to rebuild the instance when editing it? I’ve been searching the web but no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated.