Confirmation email never arrives


Several hours ago now, I tried to sign up for an account. It accepted my username and told me to wait for a confirmation email.

It never came. YES, I looked in my spam folder. It isn’t there. I have attempted to have the confirmation email resent to me REPEATEDLY. Nothing happens.

From what I’ve googled, this is a fairly common problem.

I tried signing up with a different email, but now the username I want is locked up, so I can’t.

Can someone address this?


Which Mastodon instance are you using? Also, without revealing your email address, are you using some popular email service? Or are you running your own?


1,5 years later, I now have the same problem?


Please contact your local instance admin. This forum is for feedback and support of the mastodon software project, we do not run or maintain the mastodon servers that use our code (with the exception of

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