Confirmation email never arrived

Hello there! I’m on, but when I attempted to make an account on the art instance my confirmation email never showed up. It’s been a day, I’ve resent it multiple times, I have checked my spam. Help?

It’s been 16 days, can anyone help me out here?

Rather than posting here I’d recommend talking to the admins of the instance you’re trying to get added to. They’re the ones who’ll need to check their SMTP configuration and potentially resend the response.

Similar problem. I am trying to sign up at, but I’m not receiving the confirm email. I’ve tried multiple times over a couple of days, I have no spam filter, but no luck. Suggestions?

It seems the issue is either from your email provider or from’s setup. Check with either of them if possible.


I signed up last week on and didn’t received the confirmation email either, the admin @ZiiX hasn’t been seen since last year :frowning:

The site has an email and points to the admin Curator for support. Yahoo seems to block mailgun emails too.

I have ProtonMail and I still have received the sign up for Switter

I still have t revived the confirmation email I’ve resent it several times

I can not login because of my two step verification… I am not sure how to get to anyone to help reset this…