Confirm acount via admin/account<account Id>/confirmation

I need to go around the email confirmation process. We’re load testing Mastodon and need to create a few 100 maybe 1000 accounts and I don’t want to set up emails for each one. I see on a confirmation email that the endpoint is POST /admin/accounts/confirmation. Yay! But I can’t get it to verify


Security verification failed. Are you blocking cookies?

I’m willing to bet it’s the auth, which I have working on other endpoints. What am I missing?


The confirmation link is shown in the console so probably available in the logs as well. It’s a line like this:

22:20:02 sidekiq.1 | => http://mastodon.local/auth/confirmation?confirmation_token=ycw-B4AiH_xfMxu8MbHt

If you’re making tons of accounts you might want to find the database flag or field for confirmed and update that via postgres console.

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