Configuring S3 with Minio on TrueNas


I’m trying to setup S3 storage. Currently, the instance is up, I can toot, have set up tusky correctly but when I try to add a profile picture for the admin account, I get the error screen when trying to save the changes. (the image does show up correctly in the square prior to saving though)

When I look at the journal, I see that it’s paperclip that’s doing the saving “job”. Is this normal? (ellipsies to lighten the text)

[paperclip] Trying to link /tmp/RackMultipart2021...x0.png to /tmp/004ce...0604-1930-1gm2s84.png
[paperclip] Trying to link /tmp/00...0604-1930-1gm2s84.png to /tmp/ff43...04-1930-huhj9t.png
Command :: file -b --mime '/tmp/ff431...604-1930-huhj9t.png'
Command :: identify -format %m '/tmp/004ce3...0604-1930-1gm2s84.png[0]'
Command :: convert '/tmp/004ce3...604-1930-1gm2s84.png[0]' -auto-orient -resize "400x" -crop "400x400+0+0" +repage -strip '/tmp/3e68c...20210604-1930-17sloxn'
[paperclip] Trying to link /tmp/3e68c...0210604-1930-17sloxn to /tmp/a0297cc...210604-1930-uai5a1
[paperclip] Trying to link /tmp/a0297...210604-1930-uai5a1 to /tmp/ff4312..10604-1930-z8eex5.png
Command :: file -b --mime '/tmp/ff43...210604-1930-z8eex5.png'
[paperclip] saving accounts/avatars/106/310/769/985/176/822/original/828d5fcabcaa2bac.png
method=PUT path=/settings/profile format=html controller=Settings::ProfilesController action=update status=503 duration=4343.80 view=1.61 db=5.48
method=GET path=/api/v1/instance format=json controller=Api::V1::InstancesController action=show status=200 duration=28.83 view=20.40 db=5.95
method=GET path=/about format=html controller=AboutController action=show status=200 duration=57.24 view=52.25 db=2.90
method=GET path=/api/v1/instance format=*/* controller=Api::V1::InstancesController action=show status=200 duration=2.29 view=0.57 db=0.00

Here’s my .env.production options:


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