Compiling webpacker assets - Fatal Error due to lack of memory

Unable to get past this part

Webpacker is installed :tada: :cake:
Using /home/mastodon/live/config/webpack/paths.yml file for setting up webpack paths
Compiling webpacker assets :tada:
FATAL ERROR: Committing semi space failed. Allocation failed - process out of memory

Lots of additional error after. Running with 2GB server if that makes a difference

the precompile process memory usage peaks at a little over 1G as far as i’ve observed, so if you have less than say 1.2G free you risk this kind of crash

if the memory on your system is being used by your running instance you can stop it while you perform the precompile and start it again afterward

hope that helps

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It went through fine after bumping up memory. Odd that this didn’t happen before. Thanks!

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before the introduction of webpack the memory usage during compilation was somewhat less

welcome :3