Clean instance (unused accounts, older media,...)



I’m running my instance for quite a long time now, and I notice that it uses more and more disk space. I understand that new toots, users, media,… use disk space, there is nothing wrong with that.

However, I was wondering if it was possible to “clean” the instance : delete old/unused account, old toots, old media,…

Well, before actually doing it, what does the community think about that?
Nowadays, we are all used to never delete anything. I can still find the post I made on Facebook years ago, and my first photo I sent on Twitter is still available.
However, how sustainable is it for Mastodon and all these instances? Some of them are run by experienced administrator, on big servers,… But some other are just small instances, ran by “hobbyist admin” on small servers.
On these smaller instances, one day of another, the database and media will use too much disk space, or request too much CPU power to run.

What are you thoughts about this?



Hello JF002,

I think it is a good thing to clean data in order to save space and to avoid to manage too much data.
You may be interested by this in Mastodon’s documentation:

There are Rake commands which allow you to clean old data and save on disk space. You just need to setup them with a cron every week for example.