Changing theme/text on Digital Ocean?

Just coming off a major instance implosion and figured I’d try and set one up as a hobby. Got a lot of coding experience but not wed and, ugh, it’s tough :confused:

Using a 1-click droplet from DO, it’s up and running but I’m trying to change out some of the terms to something more fitting (away from toots etc.) like I’ve seen on other sites.

I went in and replaced the variables in both en files as a lot of resoures say, but it’s not carried across, and I can’t seem to get anything working to refresh the frontend. I suspect this might be an issue when I try and alter the styles later too.

Does anyone have experience doing this with a droplet?

(Also do admin normally post locked only by default or is that a server setting I haven’t changed?)

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for your main question but as for admins posting, no. I am the admin for Nanobyte.Cafe and every post I’ve made thus far has been public. It’s possible that the DigitalOcean install has its own interpretation of the default settings?

I don’t think that droplet installation is anything very special. First I’d make sure you rebuild the frontend if you change things like SCSS files.

It would be easier to help you if you give an example of a change you are trying to do, what did you do - which file was edited and how and how did you deploy the change.