Changelog dialogue

Having seen quite a few people miss the addition of language filtering, a changelog dialogue would probably be a useful feature?

  • The dialogue would pop up on first-time login after notable changes.
  • It would display changes that are relevant to the average user. Feature additions, changes in expected behaviour, etc.
  • Changes in backend functionality would not appear on this. Noise that the average user doesn’t care for or understand would result in them skipping through the dialogue out of habit.
  • There would be a link on the changelog to full update information.
  • The changelog dialogue would show [x] recent change posts, to inform those who do not log in regularly.
  • The dialogue would have an enable/disable toggle in options, with enable the default setting.
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already outlined here alongside another feature.

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Discord does this and I like it a lot. I log in about once a month, so being told about new features (instead of having to pick them up from chatter, which I can’t do because I am not active enough) is great.

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it is worth noting that, a feature that was DROPPED FROM the latest version’s goals for the same iteration that added language filtering was this very issue i link.

from my understanding @Gargron decided the feature lacked “direction” and thus scrapped it. i don’t really know what that means, to be quite honest, so lets try to get him in here.

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That is not quite what happened. We removed it, because it was unreasonable to figure out how to do it in a good way before the release of 1.4 and it was causing unnecessary stress.

It was not dropped because be do not want it. And it was not dropped to add language filters instead. Just to get this straight (even though I do not think that’s what you were trying to say hoodie, I just wanted us all to be on the same page).

But yes, fleshing out the idea for this feature would be incredibly useful.

And to add on the first idea:

Presentation in more languages than English. This would require the translation team to start translating patch notes for x version while it’s being tested as version x-RC (which 1.4 is right now).

May even be worth mentioning here that since 1.4 is only released as a release-candidate, we have not (unfortunately) communicated it as much as we ought to have.

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