Change Mastodon handle

Hi all,

I recently started using Mastodon, with the intention of switching from Twitter long term. I just noticed that the handle I created at Mastodon is not the same as the one in Twitter. Could this somehow difficult other users finding me at Mastadon? Or crossposting toots referencing me?

In any case, what is the procedure to change the handle?

Thank you.

Just register another account.

Crossposters (yuk) tend to mention Twitter users in the format equivalent to here, i.e.

If you want to be more accessible to your twitter friends, firstly…post a tweet directing them to you on here? Secondly, there’s a webapp here that may be just what you’re after.

That Twitter/Mastodon bridge is linked to on the front page of but is poorly labeled I think. Not sure what it should say but it isn’t clear what it does at all (imo)