Categorizing UI/UX

Willing to adapt to the way “Design” has been used I see two ways of dealing with it.

Either we make a sub-category for UI/UX. Or we rename Design.
Or we keep it as is and update the information:

I also asked about that here:

i would argue seperating UX/UI is a bit of an over-specification. UX is the best choice here for a category as it covers both

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As sub-category then, or changing the name and description of Design?

the name of design as a category is shit, imo.

it’s too broad, it doesnt explain what design we are talking about. seems like UX should just replace design.

I don’t think this is necessary unless the original discussion has outgrown things. Also the user interface design is a cross-cutting issue that needs to be discussed with every feature as well.

The category has been renamed to “User Experience”, as the discussions had outgrown “Design”.