Can't login with OAUTH clients

I just set up a new instance but when I try logging in with a client using OAuth, I just get a “Failed to authorize” message.

The logs only show one error:

web_1 | [4df3e3e1-9b45-4828-8bfd-92961a5ff3d3] method=POST path=/oauth/token format=html controller=Oauth::TokensController action=create status=401 duration=10.05 view=0.00

Any idea on what to look for? I’m a little lost here.

Edit: I’m using Mastodon 2.4.3 in docker containers.

Oh, I think this is the same problem I’m trying to fix.

It seems there is a problem with Doorkeeper and there is a patch, but to be honest I’m so new running things docker-style every time I try to apply it I nuke my database. I’m going to try a fresh install and a DB migration next.

Should be resolved with v2.4.5 (backport) and latest master.