Cannot install Mastodon 3.1.2: Could not find sidekiq-unique-jobs-6.0.18 in any of the sources

There was an error at this step

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake mastodon:setup

I am also getting the same error.

It seems the source was yanked.

Don’t know how to solve it.


Same here. To add some info: I’m going along the official guide on a Ubuntu 18.04 lts server. The root cause seems to be the failure to install sidekiq-unique-jobs two commands up.

I ran into the same problem. After some fiddling around with checking out earlier releases (didn’t work) I decided to nuke the lock file. This is done by:

$ rm -f Gemfile.lock

Note that this will not work unless you edit .bundle/config so that BUNDLE_DEPLOYMENT is false. Otherwise the lock file is required and bundle will exit.

:warning: This will likely install non standard and maybe even insecure packages. But it will install.

With this set, you should be able to run

$ bundle install -j$(getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN)
$ RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake mastodon:setup

This way I got my server up.

Yea this worked.


where is ./bundle/config found


It should be located in the live directory of your cloned mastodon sources e.g. the same location as the, and files.

I wonder if the mastodon development team are working on a FIX not a work around for this.
but thanks for the info. I just wonder if I should do this and then they do come out with a fix and it breaks this install.

I have been trying for weeks if not months to find Good, complete and current install instructions for this and usually find some punctuation problem that kills the install of this great instanace

10 days ago as of 31 March 2020 sidekiq-unique-jobs has been 6.0.18 has been nuked, due to a bug:

9 days ago @Gargron said we need a new patch release.

In the meantime deleting Gemfile.lock is a quick and dirty workaround.

When I perform the command " RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake mastodon:setup" I get the error message " Could not find rake-13.0.1 in any of the sources Run bundle install to install missing gems.

When I run bundle install I get the error " Fetching gem metadata from
Could not find sidekiq-unique-jobs-6.0.18 in any of the sources"

These commands are perform as user Mastodon

dead in the water for going further


Should we just change 6.0.18 to 6.0.20 in Gemfile.lock ?

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Yes, you can, this is what the pull request #13294 (not yet released) does.

Here is some good news: Mastodon 3.1.3 got released and this should fix this problem

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Is there documentation that tell me how to update mastodon, I sure hope it doesn’t break it, I just got it going

Here you are:

Thanks for the quick response and documentation

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