Business Accounts



I think a good idea is to introduce the Business accounts meaning special account for Companies.

One of many reasons people are still on facebook and twitter is because those platforms offer them the way to interact with businesses, so companies should start comes on Mastodon too.

Of course, businesses are looking for some exposure, it doesn’t mean we have to let them cover the entire network, but we have to offer them something if we want them here.

So I’m thinking to a special account for a company that could be able to add some extra info on their profile than a normal account. An address, business hours, a website, “a promotion” (maybe some photos with an “order” “shop” or “learn more” button).

Let’s start a discussion about this to see if it is for real a good idea or not and why it is and why not.

Happy tooting :slight_smile:


Yes and also for Public figures


No. They can put that stuff in the bio and profile metadata.


I am thinking about an badge only not other things you mentioned


I like your thinking on this…my only comment is I firmly believe things like address/hours/phone/whatever should be data contained within the business’ website and, using the proper semantic microformats, Mastodon or any other frontend or app could pull that data directly off the website. I don’t like the commercial social networks’ trend of making their systems the system of record, so we have a chance here to do things differently (better). :slight_smile:


This is an interesting idea, and my sense of it is that, honestly to specifically set these aside in any way that makes them distinct is at least somewhat problematic. I think that the thing is, not the, “business account” vs. “personal account” but rather some of the features of a “page” or a “group” that don’t show up for an “individual” account on Facebook.

I really don’t see why we need different types of accounts which might have different features. Or more that I feel that doing so ends up creating a fragmentation which would prove to be problematic in terms of maintenance, and creating a hierarchy of sorts.

A business which wants to have a “business account” can do so by setting up an instance for the business. Then they can run that instance as they see fit. I think this (other than the missing features) gives what would distinguish business from personal in a quite acceptable way.