BrightenUp MasToDon. It is too dark! White space please?


Dear MasToDon,
i’m hoping your platform is significantly better than Twitter; especially when it comes to ‘Free-Speech’ and open-expression on the platform. to that end, how about some color… brightening up the Website? everything is tooooo dark. make it look somewhat as the other Social Media sites…refreshing. i.e., as if one were watching the outside’s Sunshine. btw, uploading photos and avatars have alignment impediment challenges. can you address that as well, please? cool.


If you check your preferences, you should see a couple more themes you can use, notably “Mastodon Light” might be what you’re looking for. Alternatively there are other clients like Pinafore you can use. Some instances run different layouts and colour themes. The default Web client is just one way to consume Mastodon.