Best ways to follow development

Hello folks,

I’m really impressed with Mastodon and want to learn more about it. As a developer, my initial instinct was to browse the code, visit the Github and see if there were any big concepts or modules that were hard to understand.

I’m experienced with Python/Go/PHP but new to Ruby so at this point in particular I’m learning about the project along with the specific Ruby frameworks. Documentation is at this point, a natural thing for me to be reading and want to help with.

My main question is where’s the best place to follow development? Github issues for the central project seem a bit much at 1.9k open ones. I didn’t see a project-centric Mastodon instance but maybe there’s one I can join? Is there a mailing list, or is it this discourse that’s the main meeting place? Are there any development meetings on PeerTube or something like irc?

Thanks for being here and creating this very important software!


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There is a Discord instance - one way to get there is to support Mastodon development via Gargron is creating Mastodon | Patreon

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