Are server backups and snapshots good enough to backup an instance?


Our Mastodon instance is hosted in a server that provides regular backups and also the option to take snapshots any time.

I’m aware of the Mastodon Backups Guide but we wonder whether relying on these serves backups / snapshots is good enough?

For instance, we want to update our instance to the last version. Before that we want to backup the data, of course. Is it ok to just take a server snapshot, proceed with the update, and if anything goes wrong restore the snapshot?


I would shut it down and make sure the database is at rest.


How to implement such backup strategy to docker based instances?


The docker-compose file uses volumes so the data you need to retain is outside of the docker image. If you’re using Digital Ocean and want to backup manually you can just docker-compose stop from inside the mastodon directory, then shutdown now, and once your server finishes shutting down, take a snapshot in the DO console.


I’m actually not using Digitalocean! Probably going to need a better strategy! Thanks for the word though!


@hugh did is what I did, thank you. The upgrade went well, and I didn’t need the snapshot after all.