Are <p> tags no longer valid?

Trying to save my site settings, I’m getting the error “invalid HTML markup: 2:584: ERROR: Unexpected end tag : p”

I haven’t changed or edited these fields since they were last saved, all I changed was a checkbox, so I don’t know what’s causing this. Any ideas? Thanks! :slight_smile:

In the latest mastodon version, the site description and extended description were changed so that the description is now wrapped in a

tag, and a new “short” instance description was added. I would suggest moving the existing short description to the front page description, and the front page description to the extended description, or something like that.

Okay, I’m a little confused. I don’t have any fields labeled “front page description”. I have “server description”, “short server description” (which is empty) and “custom extended information” (also “closed registration message”, “custom terms of service”, “custom CSS” but we don’t have anything there.)

I tried moving the “server description” to “short server description” but I’m still getting the “contains invalid HTML markup: 2:584: ERROR: Unexpected end tag : p” message. I’m also not sure what I should be doing with my extended info? I do need paragraph breaks in it. Should I be coding hard line breaks in or something if we can’t use P tags anymore?

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