Anyway to find a word / string in all toot (all instances)?

Hi people,

Is there anyway to find a word / string in all toot (all instances) ??
and / or is there any similar power search like in twitter Twitter Advanced Search

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No. But if you know the instance and it doesn’t have robots.txt set up then you can just google the word with “” in your query.

Full text post search on Mastodon is presently considered wontfix due to privacy concerns

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Privacy concerne ?? which one ? I think we can set if a toot is public or not ? or I’m wrong ?

[To answer the original question: No there isn’t nor should there be]

While this is true, the privacy concern comes from the perspective of people searching for topics other people discuss to jump into the discussion, also known as Sea-lioning

This is a very special kind of harassment, and it is unfortunately widespread on places like Twitter where you have this kind of search.
If people want their posts to be searchable they can add a hashtag on it.

While it may not exactly fall under privacy concerns, it does fall under “anti-harassment”, and that is why this issue is a wontfix.

For exemple: if someone would like to see if anyone on Mastodon ever critics a company for a product. then he can not. So this will make duplicate post…

mastodon as a great potential but if you limitated becase you are worries that people may JOIN an OPEN conversation that’s disappointing. because in my idea we could choice to create an open www or private discution


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If people want their conversation open, they hashtag items in it. If they don’t, they don’t.

That allows control for the poster opt-in while also allowing people to find discussions. :slight_smile:

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and is there a meta-search for (instances listed at tags only? I vaguely remember there was one but I can’t find it…

note to myself: if so, it should be added in the faq: documentation/ at master · tootsuite/documentation · GitHub


(but it is slow/not working.)

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