Anyone know the CSS for the loading bar at the top of the mastadon instance?

Title says it… can’t figure out what the name is for this loading bar at the top of the page after clicking refresh. Just trying to change the color on it but can’t highlight it with the inspect element because it goes too fast. ANYONE!!!

Is this forum dead?!

the fact that you felt the need to add “Is the forum dead??” before even posting your question doesn’t bode super well.

The fact you felt the need to comment without a solution proves my point. I’ve asked 4 questions in the last week and not a single reply. Mastodon is like 5-6 years old and people literally have no documentation on it… least they could do is answer some questions so people can actually use their script.

There are few Mastodon developers and none of them owe you personalized or fast support. There is some (admittedly lacking, but on this topic I don’t think documenting every individual CSS class used in the front-end makes much sense) documentation available, see:
Please reconsider your entitlement and try to be patient when posting in this forum.

As for your actual question, the CSS class for the loading bar at the top of the web interface is pretty unoriginal: it’s loading-bar.

This forum is complete aids. Everyone seems to be some sort of virtue signaling douche bag like yourself. Out of all the scripts I’ve ever used, mastodon is by far the least documented. I asked a simple question and instead of just giving an answer you project your social justice warrior nonsense onto me. I’m guessing you run an instance filled with LGQ+ trans feminists. For fuck sake ya’ll are cancer.

Not too sure how one of the few main Mastodon developers reminding you that you aren’t entitled to personal support and that you shouldn’t be rude is “virtue signaling“ or “projecting social justice warrior nonsense”. But thanks for bringing up the fact that you also explicitly go against our Code of Conduct. Goodbye.

You ain’t no mastodon developer. You’re a mod. You project everything you’re guilty of. Ohhh no please don’t ban me from a dead ass forum.

Those two things are not exclusive.

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