Am I Dumb or Does Mastodon Not Offer a Way to Join?

I am trying to join the No Agenda Social on Mastodon, and there is no clear path to create a user and join this social. Am I dumb? While I appreciate, on some level, making the user experience a little bit challenging to fend off the worst users of the internet, I wonder why this is so confusing for a relatively bright and patient user such as myself.

Hi jawnolney!

Mastodon is a software that people can install on their own servers. Many installations of the Mastodon software can communicate with each other to form one unified network, however, different people are allowed to run their own servers however they want. Right now, No Agenda Social is not accepting new users publicly. (It looks like they have an invite only mechanism). There are plenty of other servers listed at that are accepting new users though!

One thing I would note is that No Agenda Social has a lot of ties to alt-right and Nazi users. The Mastodon software project stands against hate and bigotry, and you won’t ever see us advertising that instance. This is mostly unrelated to the meat of your question, but I’d be remiss not to mention it.

Anyway, hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions

I wonder how these associations are met. They don’t run a racist show so whatever, that explains why I haven’t been able to request to join it. I’ll have a look at all the groups but right now I’m just trying to join this one so that I can talk with my fellow Nazis about a podcast featuring a technology writer and the guy that invented podcasting.

Like I said—they’re the one that run the instance, they’re the ones that control whether you can sign up for it.