Always this message : 401The access token is invalid

Hi, Thank you for Mastodon.

I have always this message :

401The access token is invalid

I have installed a Mastodon pod on a Debian server, VPS OVH though a YUNOHOST.
Installation, user settings and user interface ok. Let’s Encrypt seem ok
dns and Let’s Encrypt seems good.

but cannot use it…
alwas this message.

Thank you for your support

Have a good Sunday, José from France.

Can you link the mastodon instance? Not sure what’s going on off the top of my head.

Hi, thank for this quick feedback.

I am not sure to understand your request.
I am a newbie as Mastodon admin.

I can tell you my user account works fine including the settings.

Thank you for your time.


Can you make posts / follow other users / etc? It looks like that error message might just be from the streaming service. If you have the streaming service set up incorrectly, you could see that error but have things work otherwise.


No, I cannot post.

I can create a new user and they follow each other.

If you have the streaming service set up incorrectly
In fact, I did not set up a service (I have the error message at the first screen).

What can I do for setting the streaming service?

Best regards, José

Hi, let me add this:
From my FramaPiaf’s account,
I can see
(and certainly you too)

I can send him PM and mention it in a post.
By he does not receive them.

Thank you in advance for your time.



As complementary information,
I have updated my (YUNOHOST) Mastodon instance to 2.9.2~ynh1

“401The access token is invalid” is still present.

Thank you for feedback or any trail.

Best regards, José

Hi, thank you for any help or comment.

Have a nice day, José

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