After restarting an instance from 0, toots don't appear on instance that were federated with it before

Hello, I’m starting my instance, and after running into some issues with Docker, I decided to start it over.

However, when it was first online, it had federated with a small number of other instances already, notably Now that I started it again and it is fully functional, toots from my instance don’t appear on those, unless I mention people from these instance, or if people I follow from my octodon account interact with the toot from wasteland.

This GitHub issue seems to describe pretty much my issue : Notifications / PubSub after erasing & recreating instance · Issue #2651 · tootsuite/mastodon · GitHub
On this, @Gargron replied that the issue should go away after a day, however, it’s been a day and a half since the instance has been up and the problem is still not resolved.

Can anybody help me with this and let me know if I can do anything about it?
Thanks for reading, have a nice day!

Gargron told me a few days ago that the problem will get fixed by itself when instances will reset their subscriptions, which is automatically done every thirty days and this was accurate.

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